Talk + Q&A 6pm-8pm SATURDAY 26TH MAY

Join us on for the opening of our exhibition for Dorset Art Weeks 2018. 

Artists Russell Denman, Eleanor Goulding and Paul Newman invite you to join them in conversation as they discuss their relationship to their practice and their collaborative exhibition for Dorset Art Weeks. 

Artist Eleanor Goulding explores the space inside the church to house site specific video installation and illuminated work which looks to challenge perception of place. Russell Denman is a sculptor and cabinet maker, his new work looks at industrial form through a medium reminiscent of architectural model making. Paul Newman is a graphic fine artist, curator and member of The Arborealists, working exclusively in graphite. Extensive walking, close observation and research about land and ‘place’ are integral to his practice.

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our studio for this talk and throughout our exhibition for Dorset Art Weeks.

Open 25th May - 10th June.