OTHER SIDE. A new series of monthly talks, lectures, screenings and live performances.


Since we moved our studio three years ago to a beautifully converted church in rural Dorset, we have been nurturing a space that is to house creativity and creative thought. 

We were recently lucky enough to witness a dynamic public consultation meeting for The Paddock Project, a new world class arts centre, proposed for our little town in Dorset. We have been thoroughly inspired by the spirit of change and an overwhelming feeling of hope, as well as the encouraging recognition of the importance of art and creative expression that seemed to reverberate throughout our town. 

It is this momentum that has propelled us to embark upon a new project that is to be the home of a new series of monthly talks, lectures, screenings and live performances. 

During these monthly gatherings, we aim to create a sense of belonging that feels inclusive and connected. A space to make meaningful connections and challenge the way we think and do things. Each month we will hold a space to build a welcoming sense of community. An expansive place where people can meet, connect and explore. But perhaps most importantly,  promote creative thought to inspire enquiring minds.

We have met some truly wonderful people over these last three years who have supported us, helped us grow and become an integral part of our lives. By creating a space each month to meet, we aim to strengthen our existing relationships and have the opportunity to start new beginnings with others. 

We feel privileged to be collaborating with the brilliant folk at Sherborne Times and Evolver Arts and Culture magazine, who dedicate their time to telling untold stories, instilling a sense of community and promoting creative endeavours.

Join us on FRIDAY 8TH SEPTEMBER 6 - 10 PM as we launch our series of of talks, lectures, screenings and live performances. 

The Diamond Family Archive return to fill the church with mesmerising, melancholic and psychedelic soundscapes. 

Russ and I ( Denman&Gould ) will have a selection of work on show from our recent collaboration of contemporary craft, including sculptural model making and modern embroidery.

The Black Shed will be filling the church with a feast for the eyes with a site specific installation of locally grown flowers.

Emma Roberts, Queen of artfully-designed, plant-powered cocktails will be brewing up an extra special menu of Wild Drinks and Cocktails with Natural gin and home made tonic water, Tamarind turmeric sherbets and Wild Stinging nettle martini to name a few.

The effortlessly wonderful Comins Tea will be transporting our senses to remote and exciting parts of the globe serving up Tea tastings, dumplings, samosas and bakes.

And all of this and more each month in support of a truly humble and supportive project, The Sherborne Food Bank.

Come and join us on the Other Side