Arcadia - Film Screening



A provocative and poetic new film exploring our relationship with the land.

Directed by BAFTA-winning director Paul Wright, Arcadia is a sensory journey into the beauty and brutality, magic and madness of our changing relationship with land and each other. The film combines over 100 years of archive film with a grand,
expressive new score by Adrian Utley of Portishead and Will Gregory of Goldfrapp.


MOOMINS ON THE RIVIERA, Family Film Screening

"Flawlessly Faithful" The Guardian



Summer Family Film Screening
Relax Kids workshop area
Sri Lankan Curry from Hari Hari Curry with Children's selection
Popcorn, juice and nibbles
Tea and tasting from Comins Tea
Drinks and Cocktails
Flower Crown making from Black Shed Flower Farm


Other Side is a new collaborative project from Denman&Gould, Evolver and Sherborne Times Magazine.

In support of Sherborne Food Bank


Talk + Q&A 6pm-8pm SATURDAY 26TH MAY

Join us on for the opening of our exhibition for Dorset Art Weeks 2018. 

Artists Russell Denman, Eleanor Goulding and Paul Newman invite you to join them in conversation as they discuss their relationship to their practice and their collaborative exhibition for Dorset Art Weeks. 

Artist Eleanor Goulding explores the space inside the church to house site specific video installation and illuminated work which looks to challenge perception of place. Russell Denman is a sculptor and cabinet maker, his new work looks at industrial form through a medium reminiscent of architectural model making. Paul Newman is a graphic fine artist, curator and member of The Arborealists, working exclusively in graphite. Extensive walking, close observation and research about land and ‘place’ are integral to his practice.

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our studio for this talk and throughout our exhibition for Dorset Art Weeks.

Open 25th May - 10th June.

HUMAN FLOW, AI WEIWEI Film screening



Human Flow is director and artist Ai WeiWei’s detailed and heartbreaking exploration into the global refugee crisis. Screening Sat 9th June as a special event during Dorset Art Weeks.

Over 65 million people around the world have been forced from their homes to escape famine, climate change and war in the greatest human displacement since World War II. Human Flow, an epic film journey led by the internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei, gives a powerful visual expression to this massive human migration. The documentary elucidates both the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact.





FOLLOW THE SUN Live music performance


Follow The Sun is a solo musical project using loops to build layers of intense, emotive, instrumental music.
It seeks to ensnare its listeners and lead them through a semi-didactic experience to unlock subconscious thoughts and feelings.

Join us at our studio for an evening of music

SATURDAY 24TH MARCH 6PM-10pm ( Music 7.30pm) 

Hari Hari Sri Lankan curry - Spinach curry or  Chicken and Spinach with rice and chilli side dish £6.50

Comins Tea  Tea and bakes 

Forager Spirit Drinks and Cocktails 


In collaboration with Sherborne Times and Evolver Magazines.

In support of Sherborne Food Bank.



In conversation with the team behind THE FROME INDEPENDENT MARKET with music from PILOTE

TFI AUG 2017 Joe Hulbert_-46.jpg


"The Frome Independent is a curated, destination street market with a difference. We showcase fledgling and established contemporary designers & makers. We work with independent local, seasonal and regional food and drink producers. We nurture traders of sustainable, contemporary design products and vintage fashion, collectibles and furniture. We support Frome’s independent retailers and thinkers.
Community. Culture. Conversation. We make that happen too."

Come and hear from the team behind the market that changed a town. The Frome Independent market attracts around 80,000 visitors to Frome a year and has arguably changed the landscape of the town. The team will join us for their first public talk about their work in curating and planning the Frome Independent Market, how they came to submit the tender and their motives behind what they do. The team will be in conversation with Robin Savill, Editor of Some Such Magazine. 

We are also delighted to welcome PILOTE, a Frome based musician, bringing us a live performance before and after the conversation. 



Alternative, emotive edibles from THE BAKEMONGER

In support of Sherborne Food Bank

SATURDAY 24TH FEBRUARY 6PM - 10PM (Talk 7.30pm)


The Bakemonger

The Bakemonger



RORY MACLEAN Award winning travel writer


We look forward to welcoming our most loved travel writer Rory MacLean to Other Side for an evening of stories that capture the spirit and character of place and its people. 

"Why are we drawn to certain cities?" asks Rory MacLean in the prologue to his brilliant new history of Berlin. I myself came here on a whim. Following a weekend visit some years ago, I made the spontaneous decision on the train journey home to move my life here; this often ungainly yet seductive city has an urgency about it that today entices and inspires so much creativity.

And yet, for a city that feels to be ever evolving and buzzing with the zeitgeist of our modern generation, this is also a city where history is inescapable. It assaults you as you walk Berlin's streets. Never before have I known a city where the layers of history are so present – even in their absence – and often so palpably recent. MacLean brings these monumental and clashing historical layers vividly to life in Berlin: Imagine a City. "No other city has repeatedly been so powerful, and fallen so low," he writes. "No other capital has been so hated, so feared, so loved. No other place has been so twisted and torn across five centuries of conflict, from religious wars to cold war, at the hub of Europe's ideological struggle." The Guardian

Rory is joining us to talk about talk about travel writing and his UK top tens “Stalin’s Nose” and “Under the Dragon” as well as “Berlin: Imagine a City”, a Washington Post Book of the Year.

Suggested donation £7 in support of Sherborne Food Bank.


DESIGN 'If Morrissey joined the Pixies and started listening to Low'

OS0008_December Sherborne Times Ad_V1.jpg

We look forward to welcoming DESIGN to Other Side for a cosy December festive treat. 

DESIGN are also joined this time by their cellist, adding an ethereal, atmospheric atmosphere to the proceedings. 

 'If Morrissey joined the Pixies and started listening to Low'

Forager Spirit is back with festive, seasonal liqueurs and spirits, as well as Vida Comida who we welcome for the first time to provide Tapas. 

We are also offering a warm welcome to The Bakemonger who is joining us with alternative, emotive edibles!  


We extend a warm welcome to join us for an evening of Other Side festivities on Saturday 16th December from 6pm - 10pm.

All profits are in support of Sherborne Food Bank 






SARA HUDSTON 'The wild is in us and we are in the wild'

Sara Hudston.jpg

Sara joins us on Saturday 11 November to give a talk about unearthing buried stories in Dorset. Paul Theroux once wrote: “Everything I had expected to find in Africa I found on the edge of the Marshwood Vale. I was fascinated but I was also a little frightened. These are the emotions that produce fiction.”

I hope you can come along and hear more – from 6pm - 10pm. Talk 7.30pm The evening also features traditional English folk songs from Dominie Hooper and Nick Hart.

Wild drinks, Cocktails from Into the gathering dusk and Tea, Gyozo dumplings and cakes from Comins Tea.  

A free event with voluntary donations in support of Sherborne Food Bank.

BEN RIVERS Screening & Artist Talk. Saturday 30th September 6pm - 10pm

Ben Rivers Flyer.jpeg

“Anyone who has ever dreamed about running away to the wilderness will feel a pang watching Ben Rivers's quietly elegiac films.” The Guardian

We feel very privileged to be welcoming Artist and Experimental Film maker, Ben Rivers to OTHER SIDE.

Ben Rivers is an artist and experimental filmmaker based in London. His work has been shown in many film festivals and galleries around the world and has won numerous awards. 

Ben Rivers studied Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art, initially in sculpture before moving into photography and super8 film. After his degree he taught himself 16mm filmmaking and hand-processing. His practice as a filmmaker treads a line between documentary and fiction.

Often following and filming people who have in some way separated themselves from society, the raw film footage provides Rivers with a starting point for creating oblique narratives imagining alternative existences in marginal worlds.

Ben’s films are rich, cinematic portraits that explore wilderness environments and self-contained worlds, representing memory through visual fragments. Primarily shot on 16mm black and white film, sometimes on out-of-date stock, Rivers' work has the appearance of ageing, archival footage. The artist shoots on an old Bolex wind-up camera, and works creatively within its limitations – including constraints of duration, since its the longest continuous shot is 30 seconds. The aged appearance of the film is also partly a consequence of Rivers hand-processing each film in his own kitchen sink. He compares the creation of his films to assembling a collage, and although he places great emphasis on the editing process, he is in fact strongly involved in all stage of his films' creation, through his roles as cameraman, developer, editor and director. The distanced quality of Rivers work – albeit a knowing construction – extends to the spaces and subjects that the films focus on. 





78 minutes Total

Saturday 30 th September from 6pm - 10 pm

Further reading can be found at

OTHER SIDE. A new series of monthly talks, lectures, screenings and live performances.


Since we moved our studio three years ago to a beautifully converted church in rural Dorset, we have been nurturing a space that is to house creativity and creative thought. 

We were recently lucky enough to witness a dynamic public consultation meeting for The Paddock Project, a new world class arts centre, proposed for our little town in Dorset. We have been thoroughly inspired by the spirit of change and an overwhelming feeling of hope, as well as the encouraging recognition of the importance of art and creative expression that seemed to reverberate throughout our town. 

It is this momentum that has propelled us to embark upon a new project that is to be the home of a new series of monthly talks, lectures, screenings and live performances. 

During these monthly gatherings, we aim to create a sense of belonging that feels inclusive and connected. A space to make meaningful connections and challenge the way we think and do things. Each month we will hold a space to build a welcoming sense of community. An expansive place where people can meet, connect and explore. But perhaps most importantly,  promote creative thought to inspire enquiring minds.

We have met some truly wonderful people over these last three years who have supported us, helped us grow and become an integral part of our lives. By creating a space each month to meet, we aim to strengthen our existing relationships and have the opportunity to start new beginnings with others. 

We feel privileged to be collaborating with the brilliant folk at Sherborne Times and Evolver Arts and Culture magazine, who dedicate their time to telling untold stories, instilling a sense of community and promoting creative endeavours.

Join us on FRIDAY 8TH SEPTEMBER 6 - 10 PM as we launch our series of of talks, lectures, screenings and live performances. 

The Diamond Family Archive return to fill the church with mesmerising, melancholic and psychedelic soundscapes. 

Russ and I ( Denman&Gould ) will have a selection of work on show from our recent collaboration of contemporary craft, including sculptural model making and modern embroidery.

The Black Shed will be filling the church with a feast for the eyes with a site specific installation of locally grown flowers.

Emma Roberts, Queen of artfully-designed, plant-powered cocktails will be brewing up an extra special menu of Wild Drinks and Cocktails with Natural gin and home made tonic water, Tamarind turmeric sherbets and Wild Stinging nettle martini to name a few.

The effortlessly wonderful Comins Tea will be transporting our senses to remote and exciting parts of the globe serving up Tea tastings, dumplings, samosas and bakes.

And all of this and more each month in support of a truly humble and supportive project, The Sherborne Food Bank.

Come and join us on the Other Side